This is the response I just recieved to one of my pictures. I am appauled.

First off, I do makeup for a living. It is a passion- it embraces how every woman is beautiful. It increases confidence. It truly is an art. Some people like me see the face as a blank canvas- MY blank canvas. When people ask me to do their makeup, or to teach them how, I ALWAYS teach them very basic, natural, minimalistic things because I believe that nobody truly needs it. People post pictures of makeup because it truly is a skill, and it takes hard work to be able to see what each woman would look good with what shapes, colors, and techniques to compliment her god-given beauty. Certain techniques are hard to master, and being able to use those and blend certain colors together with percision, accuracy, and confidence is beautiful.

At all. Putting it on is relaxing to me. Some people write or exercise or listen to music. Me? I start using it, and afterwards, I’m entirely relaxed. I barely remember doing it, or how I did it, but it works for me. Hell, it’s sure better than smoking or drinking or using marijuana or other drugs. It’s better than self harm or developing an eating disorder.

This post seemed to come from a “feminist” blog. However, I view these sorts of views as entirely controling. Every woman has the choice to put it on or not. She has the choice to do what she wants to do each day. I exercise that right every time im with my boyfriend. He hateswhen I wear makeup, and he vocalizes it every time I wear it around him. Sometimes I don’t wear it because I simply don’t want to; I also wear it because I simply want to. He makes it very well known that he dislikes it, but does his opinion of my appearance mean anything to me? Not really- I do what I want. If I gave a damn, I wouldn’t have a belly ring either. But as a woman, it’s MY choice what I do with my body. You know what he’s told be before, however? “I may not like you not wearing makeup, but when you’re happy that you were able to get it how you see right, you shine with such confidence and happiness, and I love when you’re like that. Do what makes you happy, baby.” He’s not all about my looks, I PROMISE.

And most importantly, and shocking, whomever wrote this is being a comple dickwad for calling innocent women things that they might not be. Wearing makeup does not make you weak, fake, or sad. It makes you a damn human being. What about the men who wear makeup? What about them? You don’t know the person- why would you make comments about them based on your appearance? If we shouldn’t shun someone for NOT wearing makeup, why should we shun someone who does? Doesn’t that, in fact, defeat the purpose of feminism?